Hamza Khurshid

SEO Specialist

11 Years in Digital Marketing Industry specializing in SEO & Content Management! A proud father to a daughter, and adventurist by nature.

Hamza Khurshid - SEO Specialist & Blogger
Hamza Khurshid with his class of Digital Marketing Students
Hamza Khurshid on Magazine Cover of Staccked Marketer

I Have Worked With:

PITB Erozgaar
LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship
Liraz postan
Hamza Khurshid Working Remotely

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SEO & Content

Hamza Khurshid

- SEO & Content Specialist

I’m a 28 year old SEO & Content Specialist based out of Lahore, Pakistan. At 18 years of age, I decided to quit college and pursue entrepreneurship in the digital landscape, and I have never looked back.

After gaining skills & experience in SEO & Content Management, I am now running my own niche sites (work done by a remote team) and providing my own services to clients to help them in managing their niche sites, content & SEO needs.

I can help you in planning, strategizing & ranking your business & niche sites with my skills & experience in SEO, WordPress, Content Marketing & more.

Happily married & a father to a 2.5 years old daughter, I enjoy my life by reading books, going on road trips & spending meaningful time with my family.

If you want to hire my services, I’ll be happy to oblige.

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