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From 0 Ahrefs traffic to 7k+ Traffic in 12 Months using Expired Domain

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Hamza Khurshid

- SEO & Content Specialist

This was one of my weekend fun projects – taking an expired domain and building a food blog on it for passive income & SEO fun. 

Overall, the blog is mainly grown using content velocity and the “tomb-raiding” technique – finding low-authority websites and capturing their positions with better content & better authority.

Other than using the tomb-raiding keyword research, I performed the following on the blog:

– Unique, Custom Infographic for Each Article
– Massive, relevant internal linking between relevant posts
– Utilizing E.E.A.T Signals
– General SOP’s when it comes to reviving expired domains

The Results:

– Grown from 0 to 7k+ Ahrefs traffic
– Consistently growing passive income
– MoM Traffic Growth
– 182+ Keywords in the Top 3

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