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From under 2k Ahrefs traffic to 7.8k Traffic in 12 Months using Content Clusters & Velocity

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Hamza Khurshid

- SEO & Content Specialist

I onboarded this client in a competitive FinTech space related to fraud disputes and chargebacks back in August 2022.

What I did:

  • – Fixing Technical Issues in their Webflow Websites
  • – Optimizing Website & Content Structure
  • – Improved Existing Content & Enhanced Internal Linking
  • – Performed Keyword Research Across 12 Verticals (including competitors’ research)
  • – Hired Writers & Published 180+ Pages on Clustered Topics


The Results:

– Traffic Quadrupled
– Increased Demo Bookings & Conversions
– Client received $11 Million in Funding (other factors were involved as well)
– Increased collaboration offers & press visibility


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