Digital Apprenticeship Program 2020




But this was not true in 2011, I was struggling, taking courses after courses, trying to find my way to financial freedom like you.

But I failed, I tried to “try”, to implement what I have ‘learned’ in those courses, but I FAILED.


Because I didn’t have the mentor, the apprenticeship, the program where I can work with an expert instead of just learning the theory.

It wasn’t until I got myself a solid mentor that I started getting results. 


Results that made me financially independent, then financially free!

You see, I didn’t have this kind of program when I was in the struggling stage.

Therefore, I have created a program that I WISH I HAD in those years.


It is scientifically proven that you learn ONLY by doing, all other methods are just to gather the information. 

This is the reason why we follow the 20/80 theory in this program. I will teach you only 20% theory, and the remaining 80% of our time and efforts will go into practically doing the things that will equip and empower you to run your own blogs to earn monthly passive income.

I truly hope to see you on the other side of the game, the action game, the game of financial freedom & success!.

We are going to cover everything required to equip you to launch & run your own blogs successfully. 

Here are the main modules covered in this Digital Apprenticeship Program:

1. Blogging Model – How to Make Blogging Work FOR You!

2. Niche Research – How to Pick the Profitable Topics to Blog!

3. Keyword Research – How to Pick Keywords You Can Rank on Easily!

4. Website Creation – How to Create a Beautiful, Modern & Secure Website!

5. Blogging Success Site Setup – Plugins, Site Structure & More for Blogging Success!

6. Content Creation – How to Write Content that Ranks!

7. On-Page SEO – How to Apply the Best Practices of SEO in 2020

8. Social Media – How to Provide the Social Boost to Your Articles

9. Blogging Roadmap – The Exact Method that You Need to Follow for Success


As discussed in the video, we are not going to charge you a massive amount of money like 40, 50, or 60 thousand rupees.


We are not going to charge even 30,000 rupees, although this program is worth more than these.

You can join this Digital Apprenticeship (2 Months, 3 Days a Week Training) in
Rs. 19,999/- only.

(This fee is inclusive of all the tools, bonuses, & certificate)

We don’t believe in offering discounts, because our training is worth the investment. 

But we know that there are financial challenges going on due to the Pandemic around the world.

Therefore, we have introduced t need-based scholarships in our program.

It is important to convey that we put these scholarships from our Contribution & Charity Fund, therefore, apply for these scholarships ONLY if you are financially challenged & needy. 

We will trust you, we will not be checking your financial statements. It’s between you & Allah.

This is the difficult part for most of you. As realizing the value of a thing is often missed by those who cannot see the full picture.

But for those of you who CAN see the full picture, who realize the worth of this industry and the importance of a mentor in an apprenticeship, this is going to be easy.

I believe in always going the extra mile to deliver the highest value that I can provide. 

But these bonuses need to be valued, therefore, these are limited time only. If you join this course within 48 hours, then you take benefit from the massive value of these bonuses:

1. Freelancing
– How to Earn Quick Money from Freelancing through Blogging Skills (Value: Rs. 3000/-)

2. LinkedIn Magic
– How to Pick High Paying Clients from Your LinkedIn Profile (Value: 4500/-)

3. Facebook Ads Formula
– The Step-by-Step Formula that I Use to Run Effective Facebook Ads (Value: 9500/-)

4. E-Commerce in Pakistan
– How You Can Easily Sell Any Product Online! (Value: 5600/-)

If you want to take benefit of these
Rs. 22,600 Bonuses, then act now and register yourself for Digital Apprenticeship Program 2020.

These bonuses will expire within 48 Hours!


Are there any discounts available?

As stated above, we do not believe in discounting our services. However, we do provide an easy installment plan at no extra cost for your ease. 

Who is this program for?

This program is highly beneficial for you if you know how to write read & write English, have basic Internet Knowledge & have access to a Laptop & an Internet connection.

If you are a graduate, then that’s a plus.

How can I apply to this Program?

Simply click the button “I want to join this Program” on this web-page and fill the simple form. After, follow the three easy steps to confirm your registration on the next page.

I am Financially Needy – How Can I Avail the Scholarship?

We respect your commitment to learning. You don’t need to appeal for any special verification. Simply submit the total fee of your required scholarship & we will take care of the rest.

What Can I Do After the Program?

After completing this 2-Month’s Digital Apprenticeship Program, you can easily & successfully do the following things:

1. Launch Your Own Blog for Passive Income (Ultimately)

2. Launch Your Freelancing Career with the Learned Skills (Quick Earning Method)

3. Secure Job in Digital Marketing Field – With the help of our certificate & the skills, you can secure a job in Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Content Writing & other Digital Fields. 


I can understand your concern over the quality of this program because of the other low-quality courses & programs out there.

Therefore, I have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee so that you can take the decision with peace of mind.

If you feel that this program is not for you, for any reason, within the first 7 days of working with us in this program, then simply send us an email at [email protected] and you will be refunded in full. No questions asked.

Digital Apprenticeship Program 2020

Complete 2 Months, 3-Days a Week Practical Training with Certificate
One Time Payment
  • All Bonuses Worth Rs. 22,600 Included for FREE
  • Professional Tool Worth Rs. 16,000 For You to Practice (FREE)
  • Program Completion Certificate after 2-Months Practical Training